Saturday, March 21, 2009

An addition to the family

Well after loosing Pierre our mini toy poodle a few months back our 2 year old poodle has about driven us to our ropes end. She missed the little guy so much we finally decided she needed a playmate. I have been looking for about 3 weeks or so hoping to find one to rescue or buy within a few hours from us. Seems like all I found on the different Michigan, Indiana, Ohio sites were to expensive and a lot farther to drive to buy than we really wanted to go.

Yesterday when leaving the Dr. office I wanted to stop buy the pet store to look for a new color for Cinnamon.I totally had forgotten they sometimes have puppies for sale. I really wanted George to see their male poodle as he is the same red our Cinnamon is and the owner of the store and I had chatted last spring about possibly using her male for stud and her taking pick of the litter. We decided we were going to breed Cinnamon this summer . Well to make a long story short, we went in and they had Morkie-poos for sale. Well were both fell in love with them. If not for Cinnamom we would have come home with both of them but refrained. So we are now the prowd owners of a Morkie-poo. (Mother was Malteez/yorkie and father is the owners red poodle (Jeffery). Now to come up with a name.

George mentioned Morkie, Ashley says Oreo as his face is mosty black and his tail end is black . The rest in the middle is white other than one small black spot on the top of his back, and I mentioned Zorro as his face looks like he is wearing a Zorro mask. I did tell George I thought Oreo would be cute. Grandaughter said we would not have to go through our spice cabinet to find a name that way. Joke has always been that we look through the spice cabinet of dog names. We have had Pepper, Ginger, Cinnamon, Butterscotch, and Cocoa. So I think Oreo would be fitting for him.

So that was our day on Friday.