Sunday, April 21, 2013

Getting Things Back To Normal

What a long past year it has been for me. I am finally getting back to normal and will be able to once again start doing the things I love doing.

It has been so long since I could even  post on either of my blogs. I have not been able to do much crafting at all .

I was called out of retirement over a year ago to work on call. It was to be maybe just  once or twice a moth maybe even less. To make a long story short from Feb. of 2012 to the end of October I did not miss one pay check. And most of those were for 5 days a week. A few times maybe just 3 or 4 but that was because of a previous Dr. appointment or something we had already scheduled.

In late August I had to have several tests run on my heart. Doctors office called when the results came in to get me in right away. They already had me down to see them the following afternoon.  My thoughts at the time were pace maker. I had known for several years that I would eventually have to have a pace maker because of a very slow heart rate. I also knew that I had a slight heart murmur. Nothing to worry about I had been told each check up.

When my husband and I got to the office the following day we were very unprepared to hear what I was told. It seemed that the valves in my heart were getting worse and I needed open heart surgery to repair of replace them. So the long journey towards surgery started right after Christmas with a double heart cathe. No blockages so I was one step closer. After lung, testing, all kinds of blood work, echo on neck arteries and even a full dental work up and clearance I was set for surgery .

After two delays my date of repair was Valentines Day. So come Valentines Day my broken heart was repaired. I was doing so well and hoped to be home on the Monday after. Come Sunday afternoon when the Doctor took out out pace wires  my heart decided it did not want to work right and I went into Afib. When I came too I was surrounded by doctors and nurses and they had shewed my family out of the room. I was hooked to a temporary pace maker.And to top it off scheduled for emergency surgery first thing Monday morning. I was moved to the top of the list for a pace maker.

Second surgery went well and on Tuesday I was discharged to come home. I did have a nurse that came in daily the first week home and then two to three times a week for the next month.

I am now able to drive and am slowly getting back in shape. Cardiac Rehab three times a week and am even able to use our exerciser  here at home now. Seems so good to be able to actually walk fast, ride bike etc. with out getting winded within 10 minutes. I noticed a big difference in my breathing within two weeks of my surgery. And I am finely getting over the extreme fatigue I had for the last few years.

Going to be able to get back into blogging, crafting, gardening , walking and all the other things I have been missing out on. I am so ready to be "Normal " again. Poor hubby says he hardly remembers the normal me.

I do have to give a shout out to George here. He was so good during my recoup time. I did not have to cook a meal for the first month. I really do not know how I managed to not gain a lot of wait. Golly I had almost forgotten how good his cooking is.

We already have our first camping trip of the spring planned and I am so looking forward to walking those beautiful hills and woods in Northern Michigan while hunting the Morrell Mushrooms. Something I have not been able to do the last few years we have been North.

Keep watch and I will be posting the many different crafts I have found and will now be doing. I am going to so enjoy getting back into sharing once again here.

I hope that you all are having a great week end.