Wednesday, February 5, 2014

And the Snow Keeps on Falling

Another day missed for all schools in the county along with a snow day for our senior centers. This looks like it is going to be a long winter.  

Thank you Punxsutawney Phil. If today is a prediction of the next 6 weeks of winter is like today I am sure you are going to have many hunting you down. 

I love the snow but enough is enough. I can not see the highway and we are just 3 houses off a main highway. The field next to us is not easily seen at at one point it was total white out. I did walk to the mailbox to send out Valentines to family and then snapped a few pictures. Got the bird feeders all filled. Hope that when George makes it home from work and snow blows a path to the chickens I can get there without trudging through the knee deep snow. 

I guess today will be a good day to bring up a few Valentine decorations. I have not gotten one thing out. I guess this winter the wind has deserted my sails and left me sort of blah when it comes to decorating.

Miss having a wreath up and love the one I made a couple years ago from cupcake papers. Very simple to do and did not take long at all to finish it up. Picture is taken right after I made it. I used it with my wall tree which is full of ornaments for Valentine Day. This year I may bring up my 6 foot white tree to decorate. 

I have been trying to de-clutter my life and guess that may be the reason. I just have gotten where I do not want to dust all the items I have. Needless to say I have come to the idea that less is better in my mind. 

Does not seem like we should already be a week into February. The year is going to just fly by. It will be one year next week since my open heart surgery. How fast that year has gone by. 

Will share my decorations as soon as I get them all up. 

Must get busy . Enjoy your day and to all those in this storm please stay safe. If you need to get on the roads drive safe and watch out for the other guy. 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

It Snowed, and Snowed and it Snowed

What a winter it has been thus far. It seems like we are in a never ending snow globe here in Michigan.
To go along with all the snow we have had has been bone chilling cold. Two night last week with wind chill factor it was -45 degrees outside.

Our local schools have used up all their free weather days. Since they were to go back after their Christmas break they have only gotten in 10 days of school and a couple of those were 2 hour delays to start time. The county senior centers have closed several days also. Was nice to be home a few extra days though one day George could not make it to work. A waist high drift in the driveway behind his truck and no way even with 4-wheel drive could he get through it. That day was almost 4:00 before he could get us snow blown out. Today as soon as it quit snowing it started to sleet then rain. And tonight it will freeze. Drive will be a bit on the slippery side tomorrow I am sure. That being I am sure our snow blower will not move all the wet snow off the drive.  .

We can not longer see the seats on the picnic table with the snow. The top is just peeking out. We have shoveled off the deck and again have 2 foot of snow that has blown over the house in the wind. Dogs have made a path to the other end though. We had to shovel a part of the yard down the steps of the deck to let them into the yard. As cold as it was they sure did not take a long time to do their business. That was surprising as two of the three love the snow and will run and play for an hour if I would let them.

These are our lilac bushes . This was taken before the snow last night and today.

Our spruce tree to the front of the side yard. Love how it looks covered in snow. 

The snow is half way up the mailbox.

Looking out the back door down the deck. Snow is high enough that if the dogs really wanted they could jump over the gate at the end. I think the only reason they do not is it is 4 steps down and they are too afraid to jump over it. 

This is the picnic table and this is before the snow actually started. Today it covers the seats totally. 

This weather has sure helped me in my wish to declutter. I have gone through papers and files and really made a dent in things. Straightened a few cupboards up and got rid of things we have not used in years, 

I have even managed a bit of sewing. I bought me a new Pfaff  Creative 3.0 sewing/ embroidery machine. I took my first lesson on it two weeks ago but last Monday would not go 40 miles in the cold and ice for the second lesson so will take that late February if the weather co-operates .   I have just done a bit of the fancy stitches and look forward to learning to embroider with it. All my lessons are free . Am really looking forward to try some different things with it. 

Mind you this is a total new thing for me. Have never had anything other than a cheap straight stitch machine. 

I was given a lot of pre-cut quilt squares and I am hoping to do some simple quilts with them. Got a big wedding coming up this summer and really would love to give them a hand made quilt. Sorted them out and there are lots of blue squares that are all in the same tone . Will buy more fabric and see what I can do. 

I guess I am getting more brave the older I get. 

I am getting now where I am totally going to have more time to blog and do a few other things I have not been able to do . 

Will share all my other exciting things in another post during the week. 

I hope you are all having a wonderful week end.