Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Holidays are Coming

And oh so fast. Where has the year of 2011 gone? I am in full swing not only here at home but also at the Senior Center. We had tree decorating on Monday and what fun. They did a tree decorating contest. I did a tree in the entrance of the building. Took me about 4 hours but well worth my effort I think. The winner will be announced at lunch time on Friday.

This is the tree I did. I chose teal, lime green and purple as those are the colors used in the logo for the senior center. 

Craft day for the month of November was a fun day. Not a lot of ladies but we did Christmas ornaments and they enjoyed themselves. 

They each did 4 ornaments, an elf shoe, a ribbon angel, a paint stick snowman, and a felt birdhouse.

These are the ones we did.  So much fun and everyone did a great job. 

Here are 4 of those that did the craft day this month, each holding one of their ornaments. 

I feel so blessed to be able to work so closely with the seniors of our area. So many of them just remind me so much of my grandparents. They have just so much love and knowledge to share. 

I also work as the Director of the Choir Chimes at the Senior Center and love performing for so many of our shut ins. We have 12 performances to do the month of December. We perform at several of the nursing homes, assisted living centers, Senior Complexes and Day Break which is a respite day care home. If an elderly person can not be left alone and are living with a son or daughter that work they may take them to Day Break for the day. I love how when we perform it brings a smile to so many faces. I would like to mention that most of my group of performers are in their 80's and 90's.

It is funny how when I was younger I always thought I would  continue to enjoy working with children and did have an in home day care for many years. I grew to love those children like they were my own. Never in my wildest dreams would I ever imagined myself with such a special attachment such as working with the seniors of the county. I love volunteering my time and talent to the aging generation and will continue to do it as long as I can. 

I hope that you all are enjoying the start of the Christmas Season. 

I still have lots of decorating to finish and have made a pledge that it will be done by Saturday night. Then I can spend more time crafting and finishing up my Christmas Gifts. 

May I be the first to wish you "Merry Christmas.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

An Early Thanksgiving

Halloween is packed away for the year and now just fall things are out once again. And now the Holidays will truly begin in our home. Tomorrow is an early Thanksgiving celebration with family. But can you believe it will not be the traditional Thanksgiving turkey and all the trimmings. We are celebrating with Mexican food. Yup you read that right.

Yesterday my grandson graduated from Camp Pendleton Boot Camp and is officially a full Marine. He has dreamed of this since he was a very small child. We are all so proud of him... Here he is the day before graduation enjoying a Dr. Pepper.

My daughter and son-in-law flew out to see him graduate. We were so thankful that Frank could go as 5 days before they were booked to head there my son-in-law suffered another set back after his heart attack in June. He ended up having to have a 5th heart cathe done. He along with the rest of us were so worried they would not let him fly. He got the clearance from his doctor about 14 hours before their plane was to leave.

Here is the proud father after the first hug in 13 weeks.

I was so excited to be able to finally talk to Donald on Thursday afternoon. It has been a long 13 weeks since he gave me a hug and walked out of our house before leaving.

I am so anxious to see all the pictures and can hardly wait till he walks in tomorrow. He is getting the biggest hug from this proud grandma...

Here he is in his dress blues.  My little man has grown into quite a handsome man I think. But of course I think all my grandsons are handsome and all my granddaughters are beautiful.

I look at this picture and it just makes my heart swell with pride.

Now as to why no turkey tomorrow. His other grandma is doing a full Thanksgiving meal for him while he is home so therefore we thought since one of his other favorite meals is tacos we would do a Mexican meal so he will not get too full of turkey and dressing and all the other goodies while home. 

I am getting really itchy to start on my Christmas decorating and just may get started on Wednesday. Got hubby home on Monday so we can do quite a bit of running that is needed and then have to be gone a while Tuesday. The hand chime group is gearing up for the Christmas performances at the various Senior complexes, assisted living homes, and nursing homes so practice we must. I love how it puts a smile on every ones face to hear the Christmas music once again. 

So this week may just be a busy week for me.  So until we meet again
Semper Fidelis