Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween Has Come To Our Home

It seems like I am quite late in finally getting my Halloween decorations all out and in place. It has been a long last few weeks.

It seems my husband decided to fall off the 6 foot ladder while replacing some gutters. It was an aluminum ladder and decided to just fold and twist catching his leg between the rungs. And being a man he decided that he was fine and did not need to be checked out. Of course I had to go the next morning and borrow my grandsons set of crutches for George. But he still refused to go to the Doctor. His leg was swollen, ankle and knee real badly swollen. A week later after hobbling around  with a crutch he bought a cane. Three days later I finally convinced him he needed to get his knee checked out. No break but a horrible sprain. It has now been three weeks, he is back to work but the ankle and knee is still swollen and very sore.

Needless to say I spent several days playing nurse. Darn if I ever get sick he had better take care of me. I have spent a lot of time over the last 32 years taking care of him.

The trees are dropping leaves fast the last few days and  with George now back at work I have managed to get some fall things done. Plants are potted and back in the house. Several had outgrown their pots over the summer.

And I finally got to the basement and dragged up my Halloween things. I thought I would share a few of my things I decorated with this year.

This is the top of the portable dishwasher. I have several Halloween and fall teapots I use. This just has some shiny garland type fall leaves in it. Both pumpkins came from our garden. We only got 4 from it this year. Not sure what happened. They are, as you can tell not big at all. They were a pie or baking pumpkin which will later be made into pies.

My little ghost bear. I love him. Just a fall arrangement in a pumpkin and a couple small pumpkins by him.

These are some pumpkins I painted several years ago. They were made from pieces of some landscaping ties were had left after making a raised flower bed out back .They were so simple to do and I would love making some out of sections of tree stumps for the front flower beds. Maybe one of these days I will get some done.


This is the fireplace mantle. I can not find the ornaments I had for the tree so just left it fall. The pumpkins are some I made. All 3-D type. The scarecrow came from Hobby Lobby a few years ago. I love the after Halloween sales.

This is a picture of the centerpiece I did as a sample for our "Craft With Karan Day" next week. Was simple and everything in it came from the Dollar tree. I just set it on the mantle to get pictures. After Craft Day on Monday it will go on my kitchen table.

I have more to share but will wait until the week end. I am in high speed on Christmas and have been working on several ornaments which I will start sharing next week.

I am working on ideas for decorating a Christmas Tree for the Senior Center. They have asked if I would take part in the tree decorating contest. I am thinking theme tree just not sure what theme I will do. Any suggestions would be great.

I hope that everyone is enjoying some wonderful fall weather. Cooler today than it has been in over a week. I think our Indian Summer may be over. We have had fog almost every morning for the last several days and many school delays. This is what it looks like out my side door. Taken early when the fog was just lifting .

Have a great week end and enjoy all the beauty of this season