Monday, February 16, 2009

Started on Christmas 2009

Well I have started on Christmas for 2009. Got out the sewing machine and have made a set of Teddy Bear Raggedy Coasters for a gift. Got to run them through the washer to give them and raggedy look. But they are sewn and cut to rag. Now to get the quilts started. One bandana quilt is all arranged and pinned in strips so I can now get them going . I hope to be able to do one for all the granddaughters. Boys may all get raggady type quilts of fleese for Christmas this year. Noticed that all the fleece is on sale and will keep watching for it to go even lower so I can start really saving for them.

I have also managed to get an 8 inch tree decorated and added to my farm doll house. So I have the inside of that started. Got the outside done in early December last year and will continure to add to the inside throughout the year. What fun. And so many things I can think to do for the inside .

Will get the Valentine tree down today and get it taken care of. Then got to try to figure out what to do for St. Patricks Day. Gave most of my ornaments, lights, and garland to my Gret Nephew to trim his tree. Gee what we do not do for family.

Well off to see what I can accomplish today.

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