Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 in a Nutshell

Happy New Year to All

Where has 2016 gone. The older I seem to get the faster time goes.Does not seem possible that it is now 2017. 

Made many changes over this past year and it has been wonderful. I did work throughout the start of the year . Thank God we had an easy winter. I have gotten where I hate to drive in the snow and ice. Younger never bothered me at all. And I never in all my years did not make it to work. Even on ice. Almost did not make it home one night during an ice storm but God was with me and got my car straightened back out and going the right direction. 

In May our Granddaughter Kelsey graduated from Sienna  Heights College. We did her open house here at the lake home. We had a wonderful time and were so proud of her. 

George and I with her on Graduation Day.

In early June I decided I was ready to again retire so gave my notice. I worked my last day on June 24th, 14 years to the day I hired into the county and from the same Center in Tecumseh I had started in in 2002. 

I was ready to enjoy the lake, and our pontoon boat,

  the new house

 and our camping week ends.

 The first several weeks I really did a lot of catching up on sorting papers, spring cleaning and getting the basement family room ready for several parties during the summer. We celebrated 4th of July on the lake, had George's family reunion, along with a full week end of his 50 year class reunion, Friday and Saturday full of activities and Labor Day. 

September found us with a big wedding. Another of the Grandsons married. Beautiful outdoor country wedding. Was a wonderful day and perfect for a wedding. 

Grandson Donald and his Bride Caitlin , George and I along with Donald's other Grandparent, Barb , and Don and Judy. .

October and Halloween Boo Bash at the Campground was a success again this year. Yes I am still Activities Director there doing week end activities with the campers. We packed up the camper, winterized it and started with week ends at home once again mid October.

November came and we started getting ready to celebrate the upcoming winter Holiday Season. Family all here for Thanksgiving dinner. By thanksgiving I already had several of my Christmas decorations and trees up as we were having a neighborhood open house the first week end of December.We really were able to get to know some of the neighbors better and loved having them here to celebrate the Christmas Season. 

The second week end of December found us heading to the U.P. to watch another Granddaughter Holly graduate from Northern Michigan. Fist time I have been to the very top of our state and it is on the agenda for a summer trip. Was beautiful there.  

After that it was full gear for the Christmas Holiday. I had been keeping a secret from the family for several months. Probably since  June or July. The oldest of our Granddaughters was coming for Christmas. Her husband did get leave and so they wanted to surprise the family. Her parents are divorced and neither of them knew that Ashley, Ray and little Ramie would be here. They had not been home since Ramie was just a month old and he is almot 19 months now.  Oh I so wish I had my camera in hand when our daughter walked in and saw Ramie, then Ray. The look on her face when she realized they were here. Then her dad walked in. Her mom had gone outside and hurried in to tell them he was here. Ashley hid behind the door and when her dad walked in she reached around and flipped his hat off. When he turned and saw her he just froze for several seconds and then said you did made it. She had talked to him on Thursday and he said to her are you sure you can not come home? Funny thing was they were only about 15 miles from him at the time. 

Her dad with Ramie. He had not seen him since 1 month old.

We celebrated again on Thursday night with my side of the family. Was nice getting together with my sisters and their families. We had sort of gotten away from that celebration after losing our mom in 2010. Then in the spring of 2015 we lost our dad. This past summer I said to them how much I missed getting together as a family over Christmas so wondered if we could do it this year. Like I said mom and dad would want us to stay connected as a family and be together to celebrate over Christmas. 

The Granddaughter and family left New Years Eve Day to go back to upper New York. Boy the house has sure been quiet since they left and I missed it within a few hours. George and I spent New Years Eve relaxing and did not even manage to stay up quite long enough to see the ball drop. 

Will share more of my holiday in another post. Now that normal has returned to our household I intend on doing more blogging, more genealogy and more getting me healthy once again (Too many holiday celebrations have added a few pounds. ) 

I will know next week if and when  I am going to have surgery on my foot to get my toes back in position so am sure I will be spending lots of time inside and not running here and there over the next several months. Winter and a walking boot will not mix. Want to get it done and over with before summer and camping is in full swing. 


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  1. Karan,
    Sounds like it was a great year for you and holiday season sounded especially exciting. Good for you on retiring. I can't wait until I am old enough to retire. Funny that I am wishing the years away but with Joe retired now. I really hate having to go to work. Hopefully, I have only 2 1/2 more years if I can put off my knee surgery until then....Good luck if you need to have surgery of your toes.
    Thanks so much for your visits!! I am just now getting a chance to return visits after digging out from the Blizzard and trying to get decorated for Easter.....Have a great weekend!!