Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Michigan Winters

Well I have found the greatest benefit of retirement. No more driving in snow and ice. We kee our freezer and  refrigerator well stocked and we are set for anything. Good thing to as this week has been a " Winter Ride" for sure.

We have had  rain, feezing rain, sleet, and snow. And with that the blessing of the power being off for 2 days. Our county was the hardest hit. many, including one of my daughter are without power and they say will be Sunday and possibly Monday of next week before they get it back. School has been cancelled for the rest of this week. Started of Sunday afternoon with a sleet and rain mix, turning later to all freezing rain, We have trees  and limbs down all around. Roads are still as of today a sheet of ice. We are 12 miles from town and in town grandson, Austin  went ice skating on the street in from of his house.  I love this picture of him. Looks like he is going to do a big jump.

We have lost one lage tree. Split right down the middle and laying on the ground. ... A Couple pictures of our yard.

First picture is of the juniper bush, and lilac by the road and second is tree down partially blocking the road.
And then came the snow. About three inches adding more weight to the trees.  I have to say though sunrise was beautiful that morningof the second day.

The birds are eating us out of house and home the last few days. Even the pheasants are coming to the feeders . And now squirrels have arrived. I love the cardinals when they arrive and then when the bluejays arrive the lilacs look like Christmas trees all decked out in red and blue.

The above picture was taken before the ice hit. At times we have had up to 20 cardinals and 12 bluejays all at once. On a snow covered bush or tree it is awesome to see them all. Mother Nature at her finest.

One benefit  of the last several days is lots of computer time with the use of a generator for which I thank God we have. And I have gotten all the Valentine tree and decorations down and taken care of and the St. Patricks tree and decorations up.  Will be posting pictures of some of the items I have used in another post.

Starting in April I will be doing a "Kraft With Karan " day each month at the local Senior  Center. Our first project will be Wire Angels I think. In January I did a Valentine Wreath. Heart Shaped and made of Paper Cupcake liners. The ladies had a lot of fun and asked if I would do a day a month with them. I am looking forward to it and am really excited they have asked me to do this.This is a picture of the Valentine tree and the wreaths I did.

Well off and running . Hope that you all are having a great week.


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