Sunday, March 6, 2011

Standing on my Tippy Toes and I Think I See SPRING

Already March 6th. And last night snow . About 3 inches of that white stuff but I stood on my tippy toes and I think I see SPRING right around the corner.

And with spring comes the start of all the wonderful holidays . I even managed yesterday to make me up a new plaque to hang by the door for St. Patricks Day.  It was fun and took no time at all. It is  not hanging on the wall as of yet but here is the plaque. It is on the table with my St. Patricks Day Teapot.
It was very simple to do. I used a light colored lime green pickling stain and did two coats on the wood. Then I used a deep olive colored green on the letters and washed it over with the lime pickling gel. I like the way it turned out..  Also posted the pictures of my St. Patricks Day tree and  my fireplace mantle all decked out for St. Patricks Day. Slowly I am gathing more decorations for that day.

St. Pats Day Wall Plaque

After  that Easter comes along with a hop, skip, and a jump. And oh so much to do before then.I am so ready for warm weather, sunshine and flowers in my yard again.We  have a college granduation open house coming up  on April 30th and need to get yard work caught up and at least potted plants  done up early this year. With Easter being so late in April I may end up with all my Easter village and tree up along with other Easter decorations for the open house. I guess our granddaughter will not mind.
One more week and we have a time change. Later day light hours. I do love the later days but will still be dark again when I get up. It seems my internal clock is still on work time even though I have now been retired for almost 5 months. I ceertainly do not mind as it is time to sit and reflect on all the Blessings in my life.

And  two weeks from today is the first day of spring.

I have several Spring crafts to finish up and do. For one a  couple things for our Granddaughter as she granduates. We are just so proud of her and all she has accomplished in her life.She has lived with us for 7 of the last nine years. We have watched her grow into a beautiful determined young lady with Dreams that she is definately following. She is already applying for graduate School. She is studying to be an Art Therapist.  I will share my Christmas Picture she did for me for Christmas in another post. She has followed her dream and it is now within reach. We sure hate to see her going away to school next year but know that to gain her masters there are no schools close by. She has intervied at two different schools this week end in Chicago and we hope she will be accepted at one of the two. That will make her just 4 hours away.
Better  run. Got a big kettle of bean soup just about ready. Lots to eat and some to freeze for a quick lunch in the future. Need to get a pan of good old corn bread in the oven. Can not have bean soup without having a iron skillet full of corn bread.

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  1. Karan,
    Thanks so much for your visit!!
    I love your St. Patrick's Day tree! So cute!

    I used to do one but with Easter being so close to St. Pat's Day some years, I could not take St. Pat's down and put Easter up in such a short period of time so I decided to fore go St. Pat's Day decorations and go straight to Easter after Valentine's Day. I did my 2 Easter trees yesterday and will do my Bunny Village and the rest of my Easter decorating today so please stop back on the weekend when I start to share my Easter decor.