Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Bit of Crafting and Odds and Ends

       Well this week has started out to be one of firsts. I started out Sunday by riding a float in the Fair Parade. First time ever have I ridden a float in a parade. Been high school since I have even been in a parade and then I was in the band walking or should I say marching  the parade route.

I was on the Adrian Senior Center  Handchime float.  We had a great time. There were several differnt floats from the center showing all the wonderful things you can do at the center. I made an Eight Foot Banner to lead all our group. It was a challenge sewing it being I had injured my back and could not stay in one position for long before having to move aroumnd . But I perservered  and got it done on Friday before the parade.  I took it in on Friday to the center director and she had to show it over the lunch hour . The seniors loved it and I was so glad I could do something to give back to the center. Here is a picture of it leading the Center Floats and cars.
The antique car belongs to one of our seniors. He and his wife love going to the parades.  Sure was a beautiful car.

The line dancers from the center walked the route. They sure looked peppy. Did not get to stop and dance along the route . It would have been great if they could have but they kept us moving right along at a pretty good clip. We have several that come in twice a week for line dancing that are in their 80's and 90's and let me mention they could dance me under the table with their moves. One gentleman is a retired Doctor and is 93. He comes for the biginner session and stays right through the advanced session both days they dance plus does any performances they do which may be 3-4 a week at times. He never even gets winded and never misses a beat.
Here are the line dancers.
I might mention the theme of our County Fair this year is "City Meets Country". As you can see we went with the Country theme.

The Chime Group rode in a float. Most of the members here are in their 80's and a couple in their 90's. We had several that could not be with us but we still played and sang for 3/4th of the route.  I have directed the group for almost 4 years now and love doing it. We travel throughout the county and do performances in the fall and over Christmas, and then again in April and May. We play at several Senior Complexes, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living homes and last year played for  the Foster Grandparents Christmas Party. I love putting a smile  on peoples faces.

I am the one standing with the cowboy hat on. The amazing thing I think is that most all my members can not read music and have never had any music training. The music is written with symbols such as a blue circle, red, star etc. and each hand chime has corresponding symbols on it. These gals are all just so much fun to work with.

I have managed to get started on a few craft ornaments for the Christmas Holidays this week. Am going to do a couple tutorials on these as I go along.Now things are settled for the summer I would like to be able to post here at least 2-3 times a week. These are a few I am working on at this time.
I love this cross and have made several over the years not only as ornaments but as bookmarks as well. They are loved as gifts by anyone I have ever given one too.

I love gingerbread men items and use them in my kitchen over the Christmas Season. I just love the way this turned out.

This little snowman's hat is just one of the easiest ornaments to do and  takes very little time to do one up. I would sit last year and do a couple up each morning while drinking my morning coffee. I used them for an exchange I am in each fall.
This is the painted ornament I am doing for  an exchange this year. I love painting ornaments and have learned how to use the scroll saw so I no longer have to make George cut them out for me. Makes him happy at least until I manage to break the blade and can not see good enough to change it myself.

I also have several small birdhouses I am painting . After I get a few done I will share them with you too. Oh I bought cork to do gingerbread men and women out of too. As you can tell I am in the crafting mode once again. Been a long time since I have really done a lot. And I have to say sewing the banner  really has gotten me wanting to get back to sewing again. And that is good since I bought the fabric for 6 different wall hanging I need to quilt for Christmas.

Well we have another first that has transpired this week. I got up this morning to the words "She said yes" posted on my Facebook page. The first of the grandchildren is going to be getting married. Boy can I be that old. He is leaving in another week for the Marines and now a wedding to plan. I think the family will be a bit on the busy side. What do you think? The grand babies are just growing up way too fast to suit me. In three weeks the oldest heads off to Chicago for a year and a half of Grad School. Does not seem like she is old enough to be a college graduate let alone now being in her own apartment and going to Graduate School.  Where have the years gone.

I hope that you all are having a great week and remember " Smile and the Whole  World Smiles With You. " Have no idea who said it but I love the saying.




  1. Gee, you have been very busy! Congratulations on your grandson's upcoming wedding! I see you're a very crafty person. The cross is beautiful! Love the gingerbread stacked cute. The wooden wall hanging is very nice also. I think painting life into a piece of wood, for me, would be hard to do. I admire those who can do this! Keep busy crafting and have a nice weekend!

  2. That parade looks like lots of fun!
    And I love the sneak peeks at your Christmas ornaments!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  3. I love your Christmas ornaments! It's great to read about your up and coming events! I love a great parade! Thanks for visiting. It's always great to hear from you!

    I'm sorry my google is not letting me sign in, so I hope this works. :)

    Have a graet weekend!
    Love, Brenda

  4. Karen, thank you for stopping by Cozy Home Scenes. I am honored that you would take the time to give me a nice compliment. I looked at your blogs and will definitely be back to see the pretty things you make. I love gingerbread anything so your boxes caught my eye. You did a good job. Come visit me again when you have time.