Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Craft Exchange and other things

Summer is finally in full swing here in Michigan.  The garden is looking great and looks like we may have lettuce and radishes within the next week. We have small tomatoes on the vines and a few small peppers showing on the plants. Melon, cukes, and squash all have blooms so will not be long and we can have fresh veggies picked and cooked for that nights dinner. I so look forward to that. And it is about time that I can fix one of my favoite cakes, Chocolate Zuchini Cake. It is so good you do not even have to use frosting on it.  I will share that as soon as I have zuchinis to do one.

I have been doing  some crafting. Not as much as I had hoped but have kept busy with crafts per say. I did join a Christmas in July Craft Exchange this summer at . Been years since I have done this and I have certainly had fun working on the gift for my partner. I made a clay pot garden  angel for her. I sure hope sure hope she likes it.  I think she is a cutie and would love to have some huge clay pots to do one I can actually use in my flower bed. Am hoping I stumble accross a few large clay pots at garage sales this summer. I will use  large enough ones to use a bowling ball as the head.

This is the one I did for my exchange partenter who was Alisa  from

And last week I recieved my Christmas In July exchange gift from Alisa. I recieved a beautiful beaded Christmas watch along with an extra beaded band in browns so it can be used the year around. I love it and will certainly wear it proudly. I will lost the watch in another post later this week. Seems like blogger does not like me and will not download the picture. So I will save that for later.

This next week will prove to be a very exciting week for me. I have a friend from Jr. High and High School whom I have all these years kept in touch with. We have not seen each other since her wedding about 45 years ago. I got a message from her last week and she retired last week and next week are heading out RVing and guess where they are coming. To Michigan to see us. How exciting is that. I am sure looking forward to digging in the closet and rattling all those old bones with her. It has been way too long.

I an franticly trying to get the house in order. Lots of craft things to take care of. The senior Center had about 15 boxes of craft items donated to them so I had brought them all home to go through them to see what all we can use. And the center is out of storage place. I get one large cabinet and 3 drawers so guess where the rest is. Yup stacked in boxes in my basement. I need to do lots of rearranging.

I also am trying to get around for the Center  Celebrate with Tea Day. They have asked me to do one of the tables for the tea. So I am searching yard sales for cups, saucers and sandwich sized plates to use on the table. They do not have to be the same patern but blend together good. I want to do the all
Victorian style.  Any suggestions would be welcome .

Well off to the basement again. I hope you are all having a great week.

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  1. I love the angel! She's so cheery looking! Hope you and your friend have a nice reunion. Love your background too....