Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pennies From Heaven and Other Signs

This is a post I have been contemplating for weeks on.  I an a true beliver in signs from above and have for years and years believed in "Pennies from Heaven" being a sign that a loved one is watching over you. It is truely amazing just how many times I have thought of my Grandmother ir Great Grandmother and happened to look down and there lay a penny.

I have always heard that a penny found is a sign from above that your loved one is watching over you. I all so believe  there are many other signs that are sent by your late loved ones.  A sight or a smell can make you think your loved one is close by.

I remember as a child that when I would go to my Great Grandmothers home there always was a certain odor I could smell that I never noticed anyplace else. and I never could tell what the odor was. Grandma went to be with Jesus when I was 19, the year after I graduated from high school. Maybe around 15 years ago Avon came out with a candle. I have always loved candles and upon opening this candle to smell the memories flooded back. I looked at my Avon Lady and said I want one of these. It is the smell of my Great Grandmothers home. It was called Kefir. I have kept this candle all these years and only burned it a few times but every so often I just take the lid off and let the ordor out to enjoy and think of all the wonderful times at Grandma's house.

My latest happening was in May on my birthday. As many of my friends no it was the first birthday I would celebrate since loosing my mother. I was not looking forward to the day at all  as mom had passed just 15 minutes after midnight the day after my birthday. I have mentioned before that my mother loved birds. There were dozens of feeders and birdbaths in their yard. She loved the cardinals but come summer she could sit and watch the wee little hummingbirds for hours.

 I inherited this love of birds from my mom and those are my favorite birds. I love to be out early in the morning sitting on the deck watching the hummingbirds dive and swoop and come to the feeders. They are so amazing to watch. Mom was as excited as I was the day I finally got a hummingbird to come to the feeder I would hold. This is a picture of that day.

The closer to my birthday it got this year the more down I became. George decided we needed to get away over that week end so we decided to go north to a wonderful National Park Campground we had camped at a few times over the years. It is a large campground but being mid May not all areas are open. They had just two sections opened. The campground is in the middle of pretty much an all pine forrest. A few hardwood trees scattered here and there. There were no wildflowers throughout any of the camping areas and even the campground hosts did not have any flowers on the lots as of yet. We pulled in on Friday early afternoon and got all set up. We had our 13 year old grandson with us. We pretty much relaxed the rest of the day just enjoying the quietness  and warm weather of the day. Saturday was my birthday. It arrived bright and sunny.   I woke up before George and Austin our Grandson. I got up and went outside to enjoy the quietness of the early morning. Coffee was brewed and I sat down at the picnic table to enjoy a first  cup and read a bit. Reading just was not doing it for me though. I was thinking how much I would miss my Birthday call from Mom that day. It did not seem possible she had been gone a year but it seemed it had been forever too.Oh how I missed our chats even though the last year she lived our chats were not as many as the Parkinsons had really affected her speach.

George got up, poured a cup of coffee and came over to the picnic table and sat down. I had just mentioned how much I would miss hearing from Mom that day. I guess the firsts are always the hardest. I had no much more than got the words out of my moth when all off a sudden a little female hummingbird flew in from my left. She got right in front of me a hovered right in front of my face looking at me. Then away she flew. I sat there just in awe of what had just happened. George said to me " That was a hummingbird wasn't it"  I said yes it was. Mom just sent me my Happy Birthday wish through that little bird .; And I truely believe that it was her way of wishing me a Happy birthday.

We spent another 2 days there and never saw another hummingbird at all.

I have had so many different signs over this past year since moms passing. At Holiday time last year I decided to do an Angel tree in memory of mom. Mom had a huge collection of Angels. I started looking for angels for my tree in early November. On one of my trips to town I stopped at Hobby Lobby just to see if they had any new angels in. While looking through the Christmas section  I got to chatting with a couple there about Christmas  Legends. She was looking for a Christmas Pickle ornament. Her husband thought she was nuts. I told him there was a legend of the pickle hidden in a tree and that I had one in mine. I was telling them that I was looking for more angels and why I wanted angels. We wished each other Merry Christmas and went on about our shopping. About 5 minutes later she rounded the corner and said I am so glad that you are here yet. I found the perfect Angel for your tree.  On the skirt of the Angel were the words "Remember I am Always With You".. I think this lady was sent to me by my mother just for saying I am Ok and will always be watching over you.

I hope that everyone will start seeing the signs of your loved ones and know that they are all Ok and with you at all times.


  1. I truly believe that hummingbird was your mother too! What a wonderful story. I also believe in divine intervention. I think our loved ones who have passed still watch over us and this makes me feel better. Have a good week!

  2. I have always wanted a bird feeder but we have so many squirrels that the birds wouldn't get a chance to eat anything. Where did you get your birdfeeder?