Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Crafting with Seniors

What a fun day Monday.We did a "Craft with Karan Day" at the Senior Center. We had 11 ladies that had signed up and can you believe we had 21 ladies show up. And we only had 15 grapevine wreaths so it was a quick trip to Hobby Lobby for more wreaths. We bought them out of the size we planned on using and had to go up to a larger one for some of the ladies. While on that HL trip we had another couple ladies come in to see if they could do a wreath. We decided we were going to have to limit the class and make sure they sign up in advanve so there are enough supplies bought.

Each lady did their own thing so each wreath had a totally different look to it.  Many of the ladies have never done  crafts and say they are not crafty at all but by gosh I can see they would make great crafters. Just got to convince them and give them some confidence.

                                                  Here are a few pictures I took to share.
The oldest of the ladies in early 80's that came to do a wreath. Her eyes were not too good and she was pretty shaky so she did let another help her. She would place things where she wanted them and we did the gluing etc. 

                                                           This is her finished wreath.

       This is  one of the ladies that says she had never done crafts. I thought her wreath turned out well.

This is another saying she is not crafty. I did suggest that she shorten her scarecrow so it did not stand so high.

                                                  I thought Patty did a great job on hers.

                                       These are several of the ladies showing off what they did.

What a fun day we had and I think they did a wonderful job . Each one did their own thing and I think that each one did well. Many live in Senior High Rise Apartments and will be proud to hang their wreaths on the door to their apartments.

Next month many have already signed up for our craft day. We are doing Halloween centerpieces for their tables. A nd one of the ladies has suggested we get together an extra day and do table decorations for the holidays for the Senior Center  tables. I think it is a great idea. Now to just find a time we can all do it.

                                                I hope you are all having a great week.

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun ending with alot of Fall "Fabulousness"! Pop Art Minis