Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall is in the Air

The leaves are changing and the nights are cool. I am loving having the windows open during the day and letting the fresh breezes  flow through the house. Not much longer and it will be way to cool to air the house for any length of time.

The dogs are enjoying the cooler weather. They love going out and laying on the deck for hours. Of course they love watching all the birds, barking to scare them away . It is if they are saying go away this is my yard.

The summer birds are almost all gone. I still have a couple later leaving hummingbirds coming to the feeders, but if they stay on schedule they will be leaving by this week end. Even the robbins in the yard are few and far between. The blue jays are now coming to the house waiting for the winter feeders to go up.  I have already started stocking up on birdseed, suet cakes, and ears of dried corn for my winter friends.

I have finally got some fall decorating done and  now just need to drag up Halloween things to add to them. I thought today I would share some of my fall decorations with you.

My fall table  decorations. Loved the place mats and sunflowers are such a fun fall decoration. They had matching rugs so  I got two  rugs to use on the floor in front of my stove and  kitchen sink.

Fall flowers in teapot sitting on end table. I love being able to pull out all the doilies my grandmother made and using each fall. Grandma has been gone 51 years and they seem to be close to her again when I use each of them.

My fall tree is hanging above my fireplace. Just orange and white light with fall flowers, pumpkins and scarecrows. I will add Halloween ornaments for October. Halloween will also take over the mantle of the fireplace.

 I love my pumpkin scarecrow.  The wooden pumpkin is one of several I made some time ago. I did enough for all the tables at our Senior Center. They were a hit. So much that over the course of a few days some were smuggled out in someones purse.

Closer up of the tree showing the flowers , pumpkins and one of the scarecrows. 

I have a few more but will add my Halloween items before showing what I have done. 

Enjoy the fall. Remember that the cold, ice  and snow is not far behind  the beauty of this Season

Then we can enjoy the beauty of the winter, 
Until then. 

Happy Fall Y'all


  1. Your decorations look very pretty! I also like your falling leaves on your blog! They're just falling ever so slowly with the music. Very nice! Have a great week!

  2. To know someone here and there ...

    A kiss of Nita. Today, good evening!

  3. Karan,
    Now you know that I LOVE, LOVE LOVE your Fall tree!! You are a woman after my own heart!! LOL!!
    I also just adore that sweet tea pot with the Fall flowers in it!! So cute. I finally finished decorating the whole house yesterday!!! Now at least it will be this way for 4 weeks.
    I did the Dining Room in Halloween decorations which have been inspired by fellow bloggers from last year. I just couldn't help myself and yes, I have another tree in there!!
    It is a sickness, what can I say!! LOL!!

    Finally we will be getting some cooler weather but still more rain! We are nearing breaking the record for the wettest year on record!! Crazy weather, huh? I am afraid to think what the winter will be like.....