Thursday, September 29, 2011

My First Time Tea Party

This week has been a busy and long one.

I attended a Tea . This was a new experience for me. A wonderful time was had by all. It was in honor of the 25th  Anniversary of a Mural the Senior Center had done on the wall doors between the cafeteria and the gym.

Each table was done by someone different. I had been asked if I would do one. It was fun but ended up at the last minute changing what I planned on doing as I could not find a fresh centerpiece anyplace in with blues, pinks and whites. So my table went fall rather and rather simple instead of lacy and fancy.

They served several kinds of tea, small muffins of all sorts fresh fruit with a fruit topping. and scones. Scones were something that I am sorry to say I had never had. I rather liked them too.  I guess as the old saying goes "you are never to old to learn".

This is a picture of one of the tables done by one of the Volunteers.  They are drivers for the Meals on Wheels program and just great people. It is taken in front of the  Mural or at last a section of it.

I thought I would share a few of the decorated tables. 

I loved the combination she used in table coverings. It was simple but elegant I thought.

One of the fall ones. I loved the idea and it was so simple. A beautifully fall wrapped box with miniature pumpkins and gourds,  with fall berries and fall leaves scattered around and an ivy bowl filled with candy corn and flowers.

I thought this was very nice and I liked that there were two teapots to the table being it was an  eight foot table. Blue and fall seemed to be the colors for the day.

Loved the country look of this table. Beautiful quilted placemats and the tall bee-hive teapot were just so cute. The sugar and creamer were a bee. Very cute I thought . And  of course there just had to be a bear or two tucked in there.

The fall theme was used here on this eight foot table. I loved the colors.

This is the table I did. simple flower arrangement sitting on scattered leaves and leaves scattered on the table.Not as fancy as I had started out to do just  could not find everything I wanted to do. But I was happy with it.

I loved these cups and saucers. They had matching sugar, creamer, teapot, and bowl for your used teabags.

This was simple but very pretty. Notice the tiny teapot setting in front of the arrangement. There were 4 tiny ones around it along with little milk glass bunnies.

.I thought this was very well done. Fall but I loved the layered look of the different table coverings. I thought the pens with the flower on top just sort of added a special touch to the table also.

This is a picture taken during the time we were setting the tea up. It shows a bit more of the mural we were honoring. My sister-in_law is  right in the middle of the picture with the gray sweater jacket as I had invited her to come with me.

I  will in another post share a bit about how the mural came about, and a bit of history of my town. I sure learned a lot more than I had ever heard. Even my sister-in-law learned things she did not know and she was born and raised here.

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful week, enjoying all the fall weather and colors. They are certainly changing fast.


  1. All of the tables looked very nice. Love the fall themed ones. The beehive teapot is adorable!

  2. Karan,
    I am trying to catch up on my visiting!!

    What a beautiful event. All the tables look so pretty!!
    We usually do a Harvest Tea at our church and each hostess picks a theme and decorates her table. I usually do 2 tables and I actually have a waiting list of people to sit at my tables but I am not going to be able to do it this year because of inservices that I have to go to that week. I can't even attend because i have to work that night and could not get out of it.
    So i hope I can do it again next year....


  3. Greetings, Karan!

    Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to stop by my teeny blog!

    I enjoyed my visit with you today. What a beautiful tea event! It must have been a big hit with everyone, and it's so great that you had such wonderful people participate by setting various themes! You've inspired me...

    I love, too, how you did your tea table and it was very fitting given your blog theme! Love how the fall leaves float down the page...Gorgeous!

    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  4. This seems like an event I would love to participate in. Thanks for sharing all the different tea settings!

  5. Beautiful table settings. Each one so unique and charming. What a fun day that must have been! Love the song you have playing in the background of your blog!