Saturday, March 26, 2011

And two Weeks Ago Spring Was In The Air

Now cold, cold, and more cold. Where did our spring weather go to. The new gazebo is sitting with just the framed sides up and all work came to a stop. Who wants to be working in 30 degree weather.

I did get all the St. Paatrick's  decorations down  this week and my Easter tree is up above the mantle. Now to dig out the other boxes and get through them. I have no idea where to put the Easter Village this year. It has, over the years outgrown the buffet that I used for many years.

I have had the days home alone this week.  I got quite a bit more done than normal. George's boss from where he retired called last Friday and asked if he would like to work a few days. It was all week and looks like he may work for another couple weeks too. Biggest problem it left me without my car . Truck is in the body shop being repared after  a woman pulled away from a stop sign and hit the back of the truck broad side. Hope the truck is finished today or Monday at the latest. Need my car on Tuesday.

I did get into JoAnn Fabrics  early this week and bought some springy type material, tulle and ribbon . I have a tulle weath just about complete. Love it and will be posting a picture as soon as I get it finished up. Supper simple to make and  with the various colors looks very spring like. I think I will like  it even more when I get  a nice bow and a few butterflies on it.

I also got a couple topiaries done up and on the mantle. Will also post them and the directions to make them. A cheap and cute craft. Everything for that I bought at the dollar tree or had been given in a huge big box of craft items that had been given to me last summer. I love crafting cheaply.

Painting, did I mention painting? We are painting. Got the living room just about done and love it. We had one  area of wall that is brick. Was red brick when we moved in and I had hated the red. So one day after we had remodeled and taken out a bedroom to gain more space in the living room, I decided to paint the brick. I did it in a white and took a sponge and dabbed on black, and different shades of light and dark gray. I have loved the way it came out all these years  but after painting last week it just looked to white for the dark color I did the walls. ( I am really  going from one extreme to another in colors in my older age)  And I must say I certainly did not want to try to paint all those brick again if at all possible. I decided to try dabbing on both the wall color and trim color which is darker than the  wall. It worked great and toned down the white and blended it in with the gold of the walls. I am loving it. We still have a fish tank to move so I can do  the area beside and behind it and the room will be done. I hope we can get the tank emptied out half way this week end to move. Will not take long to finish up with it oput of the way.

Then I can start the kitchen. I am going to pick up the paint for that today when we go to town,. It will give me something to do this week while I am home alone. I will just not want to fall off the ladder like I did last week. Did I mention you sure can loose a lot of paint when the can hits the floor? And it landed upright. Lost about 1/2 of the quart.

Been searching for a few free printables to put into picture frames for Easter and spring. So far I have not had much luck. maybe I should try to make one. OI am just not that computer litteret though. I keep trying. I still am trying to figure out all the  things I can do here on the blog.

Well off and running for now. Hope to get post and pictures done tomorrow or Monday  of Easter at the Cox Family home.  Really one Day I need to name our little corner of the world. Maybe I should hold a contest to do it. I hope you all have a great week end.


  1. Karan, Thank-you so much for following and visiting my Christmas blog. It's so nice to have bloggy friends! I have added my name as a follower of your Cozy Christmas Corner blog. I see your just getting started on it so I can't wait to visit soon! Have a great weekend and I'll stop by again!

  2. HI Karan!

    Your blog is wonderful! Cheers to "Mom of SIX!"
    Thank you for visiting and following Deck The Halls of Home with JOY!
    It's a pleasure to meet you! Come by and visit anytime!
    Have a beutiuful Sunday!
    Love, Brenda

  3. Can't wait to see your tulle wreath & topiaries! The wreath sounds like it will be very pretty! Take care!

  4. Hi Karan! I went to your Cozy Christmas blog and didn't see anything yet, I can't wait to see what you post there. I love this blog and its pictures on the side and the He Lives in the middle. Very pretty and eastery!! I can't wait to see pics. of your living room and all of the crafts you are working on! Blessings to you

  5. I was wondering the same thing..but I won't complain because it's not 30 degrees here in NC! It probably IS the temperature your Spring is supposed to be! My Aunt and Uncle live in Adrian-been there several times!