Sunday, March 13, 2011

Busy Months Ahead

Well the race is on. With our Granddaughters College Graduation fast approaching we have started the countdown to get ready for the big day and her open house here in our home.

After getting all my St. Patricks decorations up husband decided to paint.  Ever try to move a  4 foot  completely decorated wall tree to another room. It now sits proudly in a rocking chair beside my computer. But I did it. Two walls down today , two more to go. And those will be the hard ones. Huge stuffed full china cabinet and large fish tank on one and two huge  curio type cupboards with a bridge over them and the TV in the center. That is going to be lots of fun to move and paint.

After we get that room painted we have the kitchen to do and hopefully we can get new flooring down also. This all needs done by the end of April.

I have mentioned in my last post  about the painting my granddaughter did for me for Christmas. She as I had mentioned  is studying to be an Art Therapist. And  yes I did have to google it to see what it was she would be doing. She plans on working with the elderly rather than children.  This past year with the death of my mother her motivation has been all centered around my mother ( her great grandmother) whom she was very close to.  On a visit to the cemetary one late afternoon she was in awe of the sunset that was takeing place. She stated she saw a cross and decided after returning to school that she wanted to do an oil of what she saw. Since then she has done several different ones.

I want to share the picture she painted for me and the one she did for her mother for Christmas.  I shed many tears on opening this painting. She had never liked oil painting until this year and now she has almost become obcessed with it. This is the picture.

Her Senior Art Show starts in  a short 3 weeks and she has been working very hard on so many items for it. I  just hope I remember my camera for the reception so I can get lots of pictures. I have a terrible habbit of forgetting the camera  when we go anyplace. I will share more of her talent after the reception when I get pictures.

Now to get all the painting finished up the next few days so I can get my St. Patrick's items back in place. Then for next week end I can get  them down and all my Easter things out. Last year I never managed to get Easter out. Just was  not feeling well and when I came home from work I would just want to sleep. It will be nice to again have  something more than aan Easter Tablecloth and centerpiece out.

I hope I find time to get a bit of crafting in too for Easter. I really need a wreath for my door. My old one is getting a bit shabby looking.  I think I want to do one with birdhouses in it so will have to get to painting.

Well I am off. Think we can get the trim put back now the paint is dry and I can move the furniture back for the night.  And then tomorrow I can get fresh washed drapes back up.

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