Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Start of Easter

I am gradually getting Easter up. Had to go to town today to get green material for the Easter Village. About 10 huge totes of material in my basement for sewing and do you think I could find the variegated green piece I had bought a few years back. And it was not in the Village box. I finished up my tulle wreath. I had a pretty blue bird on it but decided I liked it better with small glittered Easter eggs and butterflies.  Here it is.

I love the way it turned out. It was just so simple to do but boy you sure do get tired tying on the tulle. I was going to add a bow to it but thought it looked a bit odd so decided to just use some longer strips of the tulle in the light pinkish color I had used and just tie on a big puff . I liked it much better than the bow but did add a bow to the top of the hanger ribbon. I was not sure how much tulle to buy  so bought a yard of each of the 7 colors. I used a light blue, teal,peach, light pink and dark pink, white, lavender.. I cut just 1/2 yard of each so I have enough to do another project.

                                             Maybe I can do a topiary tree of the regular tulle .

                                      Here is the Easter tree I have above the fireplace mantle.

                                                        This  is the fireplace mantle.

Tomarrow I will be getting the village set up. I dragged it upstairs. Oh how I wish I had a one level home with lots of storage.I keep telling  George that if I was ever so lucky to hit a big lottery I was building a brand new home farther back on the property and bull dozing this one into the basement. Of course I am sure it will never happen .I hear that you have to play the lottery to win.

I should also mention  the topiary trees. They are made very cheaply  with all coming from the Dollar Tree. I used a bucket which I bought several of a few years ago just because I thought they were cute and I just knew I would figure out what to do with them at some point in my crafting adventures.  In the bucket I used a Styrofoam ball and pushed it tightly in. Then I stuck in a dowel rod and added a bath sponge to the top of the tree. Then I just hot glued on some small Easter eggs and placed some Easter grass on top of the Styrofoam to cover it.

I made and sold several of these one year at  our Senior Center Craft Sale in the  spring.

Hope you all are having a wonderful week.


  1. Karan,

    I do so love your Easter Tree but I am sure you knew that I would!!
    And the tulle wreath is to die for!!
    Love your Easter topiaries!!
    I want to thank you for all of your visits!!And your comments always mean a lot to me!!


  2. Hi Karan,

    Your wreath looks so pretty! Love it! The topiaries are very nice also. Great job!

  3. Thanks for putting my button on your blog! So sweet! I enjoy your blog! Fun stuff!


  4. Such cute decorations! I especially can't wait to see this Easter village ~ sounds fun!

  5. What fun decorations! Happy Easter to you and your family! Thanks for visiting! :)